Hello everyone,
My name is Magda and I will be serving as this year’s -you guessed it- Activities Coordinator. I really like throwing parties and being born and raised on one of the Greek islands (Thassos), I am quite familiar with the art of drinking with style and grace.
I was 17 when I first arrived in the Netherlands and started my bachelor in Nanobiology at TU Delft and EUR. Now, I have been living here for almost 3 years and, boy, have I learned a lot. As an international student myself, I have come to face the good and the bad side of living and studying abroad. After residing in Delft and Rotterdam, I have met and worked with people from a wide range of backgrounds, from all over the world; the experiences I have had were rather life-changing. By joining this year’s board, I get the opportunity to share all this knowledge with fellow international students and help them have some fun during these boring quarantine times, and, in general, live their best ‘Delft life’. Well, parties are illegal for the moment, but fingers crossed for the second half of the year!