Whether you are here for half a year or longer, having a Dutch bank account makes life a lot easier! A lot of Dutch services using an online banking system called 'iDeal', you might have heard of it (or already cursed it for that matter). It is exclusively for Dutch bank accounts, but it is very easy to pay for things online using this system! Also, things such as receiving rental allowance or getting an OV Chipkaart are a lot easier with iDeal! 

You're probably thinking, yeah this is all very nice, but what bank do I have to go to? And how much will it cost me? Well, here you can find out! We have listed the different options below, and as you'll see it is a lot easier and cheaper to open a bank account than you think!


One of your options is the ABN AMRO bank. The TU Delft has an agreement with this bank for bank accounts for international students, so you'll see a lot of your buddies walking around with this bank's green card. The minimum duration of stay for a bank account here is a year, and it'll cost you €3.25 per month to enjoy their services. The ABN AMRO bank card has an NFC chip, so you'll be able to pay at the vending machines at university!

ING Bank

Alternatively, you can open an account at the ING Bank, characterized by their Dutch colour: Orange! Again, the minimum duration of stay for a bank account is 6 months and an account here will cost you €3 per half-year. The shiny orange bank card you get if you open an account here also has an NFC chip, so you can always pay for your coffee during a morning lecture!