ESN is looking for people to join the committees for this semester and next semester (Fall semester 2021 and Spring 2022). Do you want to help our association to grow even further? Then, don't hesitate and apply to be part of one of our amazing committees.

ESN Delft has three committees: the Culture committee, Activities committee and the PR committee.


Do you like to organize amazing parties and social events?

Then, the Activities Committee is made for you. People in the AC strive to assure that every ESN party is a huge success. You will need creativity, organizational and social skills. If this doesn't scare you, then apply for the Activities committee now. A lot of fun is assured!

Do you enjoy city trips and cultural events?

Join the cultural committee! The goal is to introduce internationals to the dutch way of life through city trips and events (like the dutch Sinterklaas) while also creating a space for cultural diversity through workshops, potluck dinners and much more. If this is what you enjoy, don't hesitate to apply!

Are you on the other hand a master in promoting events and would you like to take care of the organizational aspects of an international association such as ESN?

Then, the PR committee is where you belong. As part of the PR Committee you will be involved in all the managerial aspects of the association (e.g., advertisements, deals) to try to reach as many students as possible!


Apply here

Would you like to know more about these committees? Download now the calls to learn about all the benefits and responsibilities of each position! 

We hope that you will join us!