To get as tall as the Dutch, you have to eat. And what do Dutch people eat? Dutch food. Some really weird Dutch food. On your culinary tour of Holland make sure you don’t skip some of these traditional but weird Dutch foods!


To get through the Dutch winter, you need hearty food and the Dutch turn to ‘stamppot’. There are many different types, but ‘stamppot’ is essentially potato and vegetables mashed together. People often eat a smoked sausage called a ‘rookworst’ on the side.


Everybody likes pannenkoeken! Whereas most people wonder why on earth a person would eat stamppot, everybody likes the thick crepes we call pannenkoeken. We don’t eat them for breakfast but for dinner, and we put all sorts of sweet and salty stuff on them. Those cute mini pancakes you might have seen at the airport are called poffertjes, and you eat them with butter and powdered sugar.


They look a little bit funky, but they’re really good: These ragout balls covered in breadcrumbs are deep-fried and served at almost every self-respecting Dutch party or drink. They are best eaten with mustard, but be careful because they can be really hot on the inside!