Hey everyone! My name is Yashoda and I'm the PR coordinator of this year's board. I also just started my master's in Applied Physics, which can sometimes be quite an intense combination, but I'm managing (most of the time).
I was born here in Delft, but my parents grew up in Surinam and our family has an Indian background. So I was raised with quite a mix of cultures (and the best food:P). I think that that's the reason why I have always loved getting to know other cultures and travelling to new places.
I first got to know about ESN in Denmark, during my Erasmus exchange. I met so many amazing people there that I wanted to relive some of that back here in Delft, which is why I decided to join the board this year. It's definitely been a crazy start of the year, but I'm really excited to make the best of this time with the rest of the board!

Hope to meet you all soon😊.