On this page, you can find the requirements to get a rental allowance from the Dutch government. In case you fulfil these requirements, there is a step-by-step guide on this page on how to apply for the allowance!


 Requirement rent allowance 2015

  1. You have a European, Liechtenstein, Norwegian, Icelandic or Swiss nationality, or a valid residence permit

  2. You are registered with the municipality with your Delft address

  3. Your maximum income is €22.500 per year (after tax)

  4. Your maximum capital is €21.500

  5. Your base rent (this is the ‘kale huur’, or bare rent in your contract plus service costs/cleaning costs of public space) is within certain bounds, depending on age:

    1. 18-23 years old: minimum base rent is €229.64, maximum base rent is €403.06

    2. 23 and older: minimum base rent is €229.64, maximum base rent is €752.33

  6. You rent an independent room:

    1. You have your own front door, which you can lock from the inside and the outside

    2. You have your own living room and/or bedroom

    3. You have your own kitchen, with a countertop, running water and water drainage, stove connection point

    4. You have your own toilet with running water


Applying for the rental allowance

If you fulfil all of the above requirements, you can apply for the rental allowance, yay! The amount you get depends on your rent, the higher your rent the higher your allowance. There is a calculation tool to let you figure out approximately how high your rental allowance is going to be, however, it is in Dutch :(. If you want to give it a shot with Google Translate, the link is attached below.


To apply for the allowance, you will need the following:

  • Rental contract

  • Your ‘BSN’ (social ID) number. You can find this on your residence permit/municipality registration

  • A bank account number (more info on this below)

Once you have these documents, there are two ways to apply:

  • online using ‘DigiD’: DigiD is your digital way into the Dutch government. You can take care of all your government business with your DigiD, including rental allowance. You have to apply for a DigiD, the website can be found below. Note that applying using a DigiD is a lot faster than the second option since everything can go electronically instead of using paperwork

  • by phone


Applying online

The easiest way to apply for the allowance is online, it will only take you a couple of minutes! The page is in Dutch, but if you visit the page in Google Chrome with the translate option on you will certainly be able yo navigate through all the steps, since the translation is quite good. So, if you have all your documents to apply follow these steps:
- go to the login portal
- click ‘login’ and log in using your DigiD
- near the top left, click ‘apply’ for the rental allowance/fee
- follow the menu! If you rent from DUWO you can find an estimation of your cleaning cost etc. on the duwo website under building information in your profile, otherwise, it should be in your rental contract.


After you apply, you can follow the status of your application and the amount of rental allowance you will be receiving in the same portal mentioned above.


Applying by phone

The phone conversations are in Dutch, but it can most likely be arranged in English too.


Bank account

The easiest way to receive your rental allowance is to get it transferred to a Dutch bank account. For more info on bank accounts, check the bank account section on our website. Opening a Dutch bank account is only €7 and there are a lot of benefits besides receiving your rental allowance quickly, so definitely consider opening an account!

Should you really want to receive your allowance on a foreign account, this is possible. It is, however, a lot harder and requires a lot more paperwork and time than receiving the allowance on a Dutch bank account.

To have the money transferred to a foreign bank account a separate application is needed, and for this you need the following documents:

  • A photocopy of your passport and the document which contains your BSN number

  • A photocopy of your bank transactions, no older than 2 months, containing your name and your bank account number (or some other proof that the bank account is registered to you)

  • A Word document with the following:

    • Your own name and address

    • Your bank’s name and address. This can be the address of the banking office where you have your bank account

    • Your bank account’s IBAN code

    • Your bank’s BIC code

    • Your signature (you can also sign this later)


Please notice that, unfortunately, we are unable to assist you further on this topic. We wish you all the best.