Whether you've only been in Delft for a short while or you are already an experienced Delft local, you might be wondering: what is there to see in Delft? This section will give you a little background on some of Delft’s most famous sights. Of course, there are many more sights you can explore on your own!

Nieuwe and Oude Kerk

Delft’s two churches, the old an new church, are also some of Holland’s more famous churches. The Nieuwe Kerk contains the crypt of the Dutch Royal Family and is the second tallest church in Holland, after the Domtoren in Utrecht. The view from the Nieuwe Kerk is amazing, so be sure to climb the tower on a nice day!

Porceleyne Fles

Delft porcelain, and its characteristic ‘Delft Blue’ colour, is renowned across the world and of course, there is a museum for it. The Porceleyne fles, an old factory-tuned-museum tells you everything you need to know about this old Dutch staple.

Vermeer Centrum

If you are into art (and even if you’re not), you have probably heard of the Dutch Masters of old. Rembrandt, Van Gogh and the Delft-born Vermeer are part of many a private collection and high-profile museum. To honour its famous native, Delft has a special museum on Vermeer, located in the city centre on the Voldersgracht.

Museum Prinsenhof

One of Holland’s all-time heroes and the founder of the Dutch Republic, William the Silent is one of the key figures in Dutch history. The prince was in Delft when he was murdered during the 80-years war with Spain and therefore Delft has a special museum about the prince and the rest of Holland during his time. You can even see the bullet holes made by the bullet that killed the prince!